NCFA Award Recipients

Since 1982, National Council For Adoption has been proud to honor and celebrate the contributions of individuals and organizations in the adoption community. Click on an award below to see a list of past recipients:

The Ruby Lee Piester Adoption Award

The Adoption Hall of Fame Award

The Friend of Adoption Award

The Warren and Mary Alice Babineaux Award

Additional Honorees

Ruby Lee Piester Adoption Award Recipients

In honor of NCFA's founder, the Ruby Lee Piester Adoption Award recognizes a lifetime of service to children, birth parents, and adoptive families. It is reserved only for those whose exceptional and extraordinary lifetime achievement has changed the practice of adoption for the better.

Sen. Mary Landrieu (2016)
Louis and Carol Stern (2015)
C. Harold Brown (2010)
Dr. William L. Pierce (2003)

Adoption Hall of Fame Recipients

The Adoption Hall of Fame Award is given annually in recognition of outstanding commitment, service, and sacrifice for the cause of adoption by an individual or organization who has positively impacted the practice of adoption. Read about our 2019 Adoption Hall of Fame awardee.

Rep. Mike Kelly (2019)
Delilah (2018)
Rep. Karen Bass (2017)
Sen. Roy Blunt (2017)
Rep. Trent Franks (2017)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (2017)
Kelly Peterson (2017)
Thomas M. Velie (2017)
Susan Soonkeum-Cox (2016)
The Charles and Mary Crossed Foundation (2015)
Heidi Cox (2015)
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption (2015)
Paige Rense (2015)
Mendell Thompson (2015)
Gladney Center for Adoption (2012)
Marshall Williams (2011)
Rep. Jim McDermott (2010)
Lilli Petit Gallagher (2010)
Fred Riley (2010)
Mary Alice Babineaux (2008)
Warren Babineaux (2008)
Sen. Norm Coleman (2008)
Brad Oliver (2008)
Debbie Wybrow (2008)
Sen. Ben Nelson (2007)
Rep. William Frenzel (2006)
Kenneth Feld (2005)
Ted Kim (2005)
Al Hunt (2005)
Judy Woodruff (2005)
Dr. Gregory Foltz (2004)
Sen. Larry Craig (2003)

Rep. Jim DeMint (2003)
Donna Martin (2003)
Rev. W.C. Martin (2003)
HHS Sec. Tommy Thompson (2003)
Mayor Anthony Williams (2003)
Rep. Richard Armey (2002)
Rep. Dave Camp (2001)
Rep. William Delahunt (2001)
Rep. Tom DeLay, TX (2001)
Leo LiVolsi (2001)
Rosann LiVolsi (2001)
Joan McLaughlin (2001)
Peter Pfund (2000)
William Pierce (2000)
T.Q. Bradbook Smith, Q.C. (2000)
Louis Stern (2000)
Dr. Leslie Gruss (1999)
Dr. Michael Rosen (1999)
Sen. Mary Landrieu (1999)
Larisa Mason (1999)
Parade Magazine (1999)
Beverly Young (1999)
Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young (1999)
Hasbro, Inc. (1998)
Dana Streep (1998)
Mary Streep (1998)
Ambassador Park Kun Woo (1997)
Allan Neustadt (1997)
David Bushnell (1996)
Mary Bushnell (1996)
Gov. Robert Casey (1996)

Rep. George Gekas (1996)
Sen. Paul Simon (1996)
USA Networks (1996)
Rep. Newt Gingrich (1995)
Dr. C. Everett Koop (1995)
Rep. Thomas Bliley (1994)
Eastern Child Welfare Services, Korea (1994)
Gannett Corporation (1994)
Holt Children’s Services, Korea (1994)
Daniel J. Kilmurray (1994)
Rep. James Oberstar (1994)
Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (1993)
Sen. Gordon Humphrey (1993)
Scott Hamilton (1992)
Ralph Davidson (1992)
Lou Hill (1992)
Father Al Schwartz (1992)
Kitty Carruthers Conrad (1991)
Peter Carruthers (1991)
Ruby Lee Piester (1991)
Janet Simon (1991)
J. Peter Simon (1991)
Pres. Gerald Ford (1990)
Bertha Holt (1990)
Gregory Louganis (1990)
Dave Thomas (1990)
Father George H. Clements (1989)
Dorothy Debolt (1988)
Robert Debolt (1988)
John Coleman (1987)
Hon. Wilson Riles (1987)

Friend of Adoption Award Recipients

The Friend of Adoption Award is given annually in recognition of significant contributions made to the field of adoption by an individual or organization. Read about our 2019 Friend of Adoption awardees.

Rep. Jim Langevin
Lola Reinsch
Mayor Muriel Bowser (2018)
Gregory A. Castanias (2018)
Stan Collender (2018)
Bethany Haley (2017)
Charles and Esther Mully (2017)
Lauren McCormack (2017)
Structured Analysis Family Evaluation (2017)
Jane Castanias (2016)
Mark McDermott (2016)
Stan Swim (2015)
Vicki Allgaier (2013)
Wayne Allgaier (2013)
America’s Christian Credit Union (2013)
Christian Alliance for Orphans (2011)
White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships (2011)
Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (2010)
Paul Devantier (2006)
Dr. Wade F. Horn (2004)
Rep. Wally Herger (2004)
Sen. William V. Roth, Jr. (1998)
Rep. Charles B. Rangel (1998)

Rep. Barbara B. Kennelly (1998)
Rep. Dave Camp (1998)
Rep. E. Clay Shaw (1997)
Rep. Charles B. Rangel (1997)
Rep. Pete Green (1997)
First Lady Hillary Clinton (1997)
Rep. Jim Bunning (1997)
Rep. Bill Archer (1997)
Rep. Curt Weldon (1996)
Mary Beth Style (1996)
Barbara Reynolds (1996)
Rep. Joe Kennedy (1996)
Mona Charen (1996)
Brenda C. Destro (1992)
Delia W. Stroud (1991)
William Timothy Love (1988)
Howard Carter (1988)
Louis P. Stern (1987)
Ione Simpson (1987)
Jo Ann Gasper (1987)
William Schur (1986)

Rep. James Oberstar (1986)
Sen. Gordon Humphrey (1986)
Dorcas Hardy (1986)
John Grubb (1986)
Harold C. Brown (1986)
Rep. Thomas Bliley (1986)
Sen. Lloyd Bentsen (1986)
Toni McHugh (1985)
State Sen. Lucille Maurer (1985)
Sen. Gordon Humphrey (1985)
Sen. Orrin Hatch (1985)
State Sen. Thomas Deverin (1985)
Rep. William Lehman (1984)
Rep. Thomas Bliley (1984)
Lt. Col. Rachel Sparks (1983)
William E. McKay (1983)
Rep. Lindy Boggs (1983)
Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (1982)
Marjory Mecklenburg (1982)
Sen. Edward Kennedy (1982)
Sen. Jeremiah Denton (1982)

Warren and Mary Alice Babineaux Award Recipients

The annual Warren and Mary Alice Babineaux Award honors individuals and organizations that have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure children who have been placed in foster care experience the love and stability that come with a forever family. Read about our 2019 Babineaux awardees Rob Scheer and Jimmy Wayne.

Rob Scheer (2019)
Jimmy Wayne (2019)
Joe Kroll (2018)
Judge David Chandler (2017)
Barbara Harrison (2017)
Sixto Cancel (2016)
Nicole Marchman (2016)
Gov. John Kasich (2015)
Gov. John Hickenlooper (2015)

Special National Council For Adoption Award Recipients

FOSTER, an HBO original documentary (2019) – Excellence in Adoption Media Award
John and Judy Bardis (2017) – Excellence in Adoption Media Award
Metanoia Films (2007) – Excellence in Adoption Media Award
Sean Wolfington (2007) – Adoption Legacy Award
Tony Blankley (2006) – Excellence in Adoption Media Award
James M. Piester (1998) – Lifetime Service Award
James Savley (1998) – Profile in Courage Award
Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (1998) – Profile in Courage Award
John Carr (1996) – Distinguished Service Award
Hon. William E. Simon (1989) – Adoptive Grandparents of the Year
Carol Simon (1989) – Adoptive Grandparents of the Year