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In 2018, NCFA expanded our membership to include resource organizations who provide services to children and adoptive families, but are not child-placing organizations. Our current member resource organizations are listed below by service category. To apply for membership with NCFA as a Resource Organization, please submit this form.

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Before and During the Adoption Process
Post Adoption: Counseling and Support Groups
Post Adoption: Online Support
Medical and Nutritional Resources
Financial Resources
International Aid and Development

Before and During the Adoption Process

Creating a Family


Creating a Family's mission is to strengthen and inspire adoptive and foster parents and the professionals who support them. We provide online and in-person training for pre and post adoptive families and for in-service training for foster families. We have accredited CE online courses for social workers. We have Support Group Toolkits to help parent support groups thrive.



eAdopt's Adoption Management Software allows agencies to present their prospective parents with tasks as they arise in the form of an easy-to-use checklist. All documents are in one place, and prospective parents can monitor their status at all times, helping them to feel connected to the often confusing process. Agencies can share country- and region-specific requirements and documents, and parents can use this portal to see what has been received by their agency and what still needs to be completed. Agencies can also use this portal to share information on referrals with prospective parents.

Kimberly Harrell LPC Counseling and Consultation


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice. I have worked as an adoption professional for 25 years. I am located in the Northern Virginia area and support adoptive families, individuals and birth parents by providing adoption competent therapy and support when needed. I can also provide consultation for those thinking of adopting and needing some guidance navigating the process and deciding if adoption is right for them. In addition, I am available to work with prospective adoptive families who would benefit from support during the difficult waiting process.

Mazi Adoption and Family Services


To offer comprehensive, compassionate and supportive services to adoptive families. We focus on assisting families from the initial stages of their adoption process, through supporting parents and children once they're together as a family. Our agency works to educate families, and assist them with making the best decisions for their process. We work closely with them through our home study and post-placement services to make sure they are receiving the care and support they need.

RainbowKids Adoption & Child Welfare Advocacy


Since 1996, more than 40,000 children have found families through the advocacy of RainbowKids.com. Partnering with Adoption Service Providers (ASP) across the USA, RainbowKids provides a vast advocacy resource for families wishing to learn more about the adoption process from nearly 30 countries, register to view the over 3,000 waiting children photolisted on RainbowKids, read families stories, learn about common special needs, and match with an Adoption Service Provider that can assist them through the intercountry adoption process.

Post Adoption: Counseling and Support Groups

Adoptive Families Coalition


The Adoptive Families Coalition (AFC) mission is to help children living with the effects of early childhood trauma receive therapeutic treatment necessary to promote true healing and a chance for success. Our main program focuses on assisting parents to secure funding for the high cost of treatment not covered or only partially covered by insurance. We also offer encouragement, support, and guidance on what is a complicated and often very lonely journey. Our goal is healing for the child, as well as the entire family, to ensure permanency of the adoption. We are passionate about adoption and its success. Ultimately, our vision is to see every child in a safe and loving home and to prevent the amount of children affected by trauma and abuse.

Creating a Family


Creating a Family's mission is to strengthen and inspire adoptive and foster parents and the professionals who support them. We provide online and in-person training for pre and post adoptive families and for in-service training for foster families. We have accredited CE online courses for social workers. We have Support Group Toolkits to help parent support groups thrive.

PACE Recovery Center


At PACE Recovery Center, we believe in empowering our clients to fulfill their own dreams. We believe that a Positive Attitudes Change Everything.

Our primary focus is on sustainable recovery and treatment of the underlying causes of addiction and mental health issues. In this vein, we offer a specialty service for those afflicted with mental health or substance use issues, and who are also adopted. Through our dedicated adoption program, which consists of an adoption-specialized therapist, specific groups, and focused interventions for both the individual and the family, we strive to help mend the client and their families with our intimate knowledge of the interplay between adoption and addiction.

We encourage our clients to find their way to wholesome recovery, whether through pursuing their education via our school program, rejoining and repairing their family connections through a family intensive, or regaining their sense of productivity through working again as a sober individual.

There is never just one cause of addiction or mental health issues, and we at PACE strive to not just treat "the client," but to find and treat the underlying causes of their persistent problems and help foster the growth of a more authentic, and more whole, individual.

Three Points Center


Three Points Center operates out of a relationship-based, peer and strengths-based model, emphasizing the need to understand complex trauma and neuroscience in our efforts to have our students feel safe. We do not seek to extinguish emotional expression, but seek to teach our students and adoptive family members how to manage and direct such in healthy ways. We strive to work with adoptive and birth-parents to assist them in better understanding the complexities of development associated with at-risk adopted youth, and we work to instruct our students in understanding their own struggles. We believe that Residential Treatment should be considered a last-resort treatment for adopted youth and understand the importance of continuing the connection of our students with their adoptive families.

Post Adoption and Online Support

Adoption Partners of Maine


Adoption Partners of Maine is an employee-owned, mission-driven agency focused on serving women, children, and families in all stages of their journey. Adoption Partners is staffed by experienced social workers committed to helping women experiencing a crisis pregnancy and matching those who chose adoption with local, well prepared families. We are passionately committed to balanced programming that values all members of the adoption triad: women, children, and families. Adoption Partners of Maine offers judgement free counseling for women considering adoption, with an understanding that an adoption plan is not right for everyone. Adoption Partners of Maine provides home studies, adoption education, post placement supervision, and a full domestic placing program for adoptive families. We also offer post adoption counseling and search and reunion services. Adoption Partners of Maine is proud to continue post adoption services for two Maine agencies who have discontinued their programs: MAPS/Stepping Stones and Saint Andre Home.

Adoptive Parents Committee


The adoptive parents committee is a non-profit parent support group. We provide education information and support to couples and singles who have adopted and for those seeking information about adoption. We do not advocate for any particular type of adoption, attorney or agency, but provide the information our organization has through its membership. We have monthly support and education meetings in four locations in the NY/NJ tristate area. We have a monthly newsletter and an annual educational conference that draws over 500 attendees each year. Our mission is that EVERY CHILD deserves a permanent loving home.

Creating a Family


Creating a Family's mission is to strengthen and inspire adoptive and foster parents and the professionals who support them. We provide online and in-person training for pre and post adoptive families and for in-service training for foster families. We have accredited CE online courses for social workers. We have Support Group Toolkits to help parent support groups thrive.

Jewish Child & Family Services


Jewish Child & Family Services provides vital, individualized, results-driven, therapeutic and supportive services for thousands of children, adults and families of all backgrounds each year, facing challenges with life transitions, mental health, developmental/intellectual disability and basic human need. Project Esther: The Chicago Jewish Adoption Network of Jewish Child & Family Services supports, strengthens, educates and connects diverse Jewish adoptive and prospective adoptive families.

Services include:

  • Information & Resources
    We help families navigate the complexities of the adoption process, offering consultation and education about the various pathways to adoption and the many steps of the process. We also connect families to adoption placement and other resources.
  • Support Groups and Networking for Parents and Children
    Support groups respond to the unique experiences of adoptive and prospective adoptive families across the lifespan. We also connect families through social events.
  • Educational Seminars and Workshops
    From pre-adoption education to sessions on parenting, our seminars and workshops address the unique issues facing families built through adoption.
  • Community Outreach, Consultation and Education
    Our programs promote and celebrate the diversity of Jewish families built through adoption. We also provide consultation and educational programs for professionals in the community.
  • Post-Adoption Services
    Our qualified staff members handle an array of post-adoption requests from adult adopted persons, birth parents and adoptive parents.
  • Individual and Family Consultation and Counseling
    Recognizing the challenges that many families face, we provide consultation and referrals for counseling as indicated.

Medical and Nutritional Resources

Adoption Medicine Clinic University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital


The Adoption Medicine Clinic University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital provides specialized care for children who have been adopted as well as those who have experienced foster care. Established 30 years ago, the clinic has a historic commitment to the health and well-being of adopted children and their families. This commitment is evident in the team's pre- and post-adoption family support and care services in addition to their orphan advocacy efforts in the public policy arena. The treatment programs are informed by clinical research and have improved the lives of numerous adopted children and their families around the world.

Specializing in understanding the negative effects of early adversity, the clinic provides effective interventions to improve children’s physical and mental health. These services are available for children who have experienced foster care or who join their family through a domestic or international adoption.

As a valued resource for families who are considering adoption and a trusted partner for those who have welcomed an adoptive child into their family, the Adoption Medicine Clinic is a global leader in research and in meeting the unique medical and developmental needs of children with a history of institutional care and neglect and helping them thrive.

Financial Resources

A Child Waits Foundation


A Child Waits Foundation's International Adoption Grant and Low-Interest Loan Programs are designed to help children who are living in international orphanages or international foster care, to become part of a family. Our programs are dedicated to helping families of moderate income complete their adoption and bring their children home by providing a grant and/or loan during the final stage of the adoption.

America’s Christian Credit Union


We believe that every child deserves a forever family. Since 2009, over 1,400 children have found their forever family through the Adoption Loan Program from America's Christian Credit Union. We are passionate about supporting the work of organizations that are helping 143 million orphans worldwide.

Adopting one of God's children into a good home is one of the greatest callings. Many families are eager to adopt, but the costs stand in the way. America's Christian CU can help. Our mission is "To Reach, Serve and Teach," and we can't imagine a greater way to live that mission than to extend the Christian family. We've designed an affordable solution for families wanting to adopt.

As NCFA's "Partner for Adoption," ACCU created an 30-minute video for NCFA's community exploring financial options for prospective adoptive parents. Click here to view "Removing the Financial Barriers to Adoption."

Your Adoption Finance Coach


The Adoption Finance Coaching System solves the money problem for adoption agencies and their families. Our comprehensive system, which includes live coaching, on-demand training videos, budget and planning templates, an online gift registry service, provides adoptive families with the tools they need to create a customized financial plan to fund their adoption. By partnering with Your Adoption Finance Coach, adoption agencies, professionals and attorneys throughout the country can provide this innovative service to their clients, differentiating themselves from their competition and doing what they do best; creating families!

International Aid and Development

Consortium for Children


Consortium for Children believes every child has a right to a secure and safe home. We strive to serve as a bridge for collaborations that redefine child and family focused interventions. Our goal is to nurture the potential of public and private partnerships with families as a supportive community for the healthy development of children.