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Mutual Consent and the Option of Privacy in Adoption

Adoption policy and practice should not empower one party to adoption to receive identifying information or unilaterally impose contacts without the consent of another party. While supporting the trend towards greater openness in adoption, we oppose laws that provide unqualified access to original birth certificates or other documentation that identifies the birthparents to adult adopted persons without the birthparents' knowledge and consent. We support state-level mutual consent registries, which facilitate the exchange of identifying information and contact between birthparents and adult adopted persons when both agree. We also support laws that provide adopted persons access to non-identifying birthparent medical, genetic, and other health-related information.

Please see Adoption Advocate No. 10 entitled, "Mutual Consent: Balancing the Birthparent's Rights to Privacy with the Adopted Person's Desire to Know" for more information.

Infant Adoption Awareness Training in Pregnancy Counseling Situations

In at least two-thirds of unplanned pregnancy counseling situations, women are presented either no information about adoption, or negative or inaccurate information about adoption. We have developed curricula and provide training for pregnancy and health counselors on how to present adoption as a positive option for women with unplanned pregnancies. For women to be able to make fully informed decisions, the presentation of adoption as a viable alternative is appropriate in the full array of counseling situations involving unplanned pregnancy. Please visit the Infant Adoption Training Initiative website [link to www.infantadopt.org] for more information.

Infant Adoption Awareness in Family Life and Sex Education Curricula in Schools

Presently, most sex education school curricula do not even mention adoption as an option for an unintended pregnancy. We support state legislative efforts to direct departments of education to formulate curricula that present adoption as a positive option for unplanned pregnancy.

Please see Adoption Advocate No. 9 entitled, "The Adoption Option: A Call for Complete and Inclusive Sex, Reproductive Sex, Reproductive Health and Family Life Education Curricula" for more information.

Adoption Tax Credits

Our work is not complete until we see the adoption tax credit enacted permanently, though the adoption tax credit's initial enactment was a great achievement of the pro-adoption community and movement.

Please see Adoption Advocate No. 21 entitled, "Making Improvements to the Adoption Tax Credit Permanent for Children and Families" for more information on the Adoption Tax Credit.

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