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BIRTHMOTHER, GOOD MOTHER: Her Story of Heroic Redemption

By: Charles T. Kenny, Ph.D.

After working through their fears and conflicts, birthmothers choose adoption because they believe that it is best for their children. They realize that adoption is not abandonment; it is a loving, responsible act. By choosing what is best for their children, birthmothers see themselves as good mothers. Instead of feeling like bad mothers for abandoning children or “giving them away,” they now begin to see that placing their children with loving couples is what it means for them to be good mothers. They redeem themselves, transforming their mistakes into positive outcomes. Adoption allows them to recover their self-esteem, restore their identity, and renew their dreams and goals.

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NCFA's "What you need to know about....Infant Adoption"

Adoption Advocate articles on Infant Adoption

The Adoption Advocate is a publication created by NCFA to educate policymakers, families, child welfare specialists, and other interested parties on today's most relevant child welfare issues. The Adoption Advocate is a monthly publication with a different topic of focus each month.

Adoption Advocate No. 21 "Tax Benefits for Adoption: The Adoption Tax Credit"
Adoption Advocate No 19 "Health Insurance for Adoptive Children"

Adoption Factbook IV articles on Infant Adoption

  • AFB: "National Adoption Data" by Paul Placek – link to PDF
  • AFB: "Interracial Adoptive Families in the U.S., 2000" by Rose M. Krieder – link to PDF
  • AFB: "NCFA's Successful Adoption Awareness Training Program: A Successful Model" by Paul Devantier– link to PDF
  • AFB: "The State of Birthparent Counseling in Policy and Practice" by Chuck Johnson – link to PDF
  • AFB: "American Public Attitudes Toward Infant Adoption" by Richard Wirthlin – link to PDF
  • AFB: "Toward a National Putative Father Registry" by Mary Beck – link to PDF
  • AFB: "Choosing an Adoption Agency" by Heidi Cox – link to pdf
  • AFB: "How Employers Can Promote Adoption" by Carrie Boerio – link to PDF
  • AFB: "The Proposed New Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children: A Missed Opportunity" by Chuck Johnson – link to PDF
  • AFB: "Facilitators and Their Effects on Adoption Practice" by Lynn Bodi – Link to PDF
  • AFB: "The Pros and Cons of the Internet's Impact on Adoption Practice" by Nathan Gwilliam – link to PDF

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Adoption Factbook V

Available April 2011. As with previous Adoption Factbooks, the centerpiece of the book is the article presenting original research on infant adoptions in the United States. We will also present articles from leaders in the adoption field on the following topics:

  • Data and Statistics
  • Issues for Adoptive Parents
  • Issues for Birth Parents
  • International Adoption
  • Foster Care
  • Health Issues Related to Adopted Children
  • Adoption-related Legislation
  • Putative Father Registries
  • Adoption Outcomes

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