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"Infant adoption has so much to offer to so many people. It can be a positive choice for many women and teens with unplanned pregnancies."

Ruby Lee Piester, Founder, National Council For Adoption

"Though I've always known I was adopted, it has not defined my life.  The fact that I am adopted contributes to my identity in a positive way. Of course I have questions about my birthparents, but overall my experience has been a positive one and I wouldn't change it for anything!"

Ross Alan, adopted at 3 months old

"I feel honored to call myself an adopted person and a birthmother.  My birthparents were extremely young and selflessly chose to place me with two stable parents who truly wanted to give me the best life possible. About 19 years later, I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life—placing my own son for adoption. I knew in my heart though that he deserved the love and support that two stable parents could give him.  Thirteen years later, I stand by my decision.  My son is happy, healthy, and living the life I dreamed for him. Whether you are the one who decides to place your child for adoption or to adopt a child, the decision revolves around one simple word – love."

Janelle Kreeb Ison

"When we discovered that we couldn't have biological children, we were initially heartbroken, but almost immediately began to explore the idea of adopting children. Our daughter eventually came to us through a private adoption, and two years later, we were blessed again with a son through an adoption agency. They're both in their 20s now, absolutely precious to us, and couldn't be closer than if we had had them ourselves. Adoption is a wonderful means of growing a family – and we often remark that we feel like we love them as much or more than if we had had them biologically."

Melissa Needles and Alan Ridenour

"My brother and I were both adopted as babies. Because of my birthmother's selfless decision to choose adoption for me, I was raised in a loving, stable home with wonderful parents. I am a college graduate, and now work for a national nonprofit doing what I love. Being adopted is one of my life's greatest blessings."

Adopted at 3 days old, Washington, D.C.

"It was not an easy decision anyway I decided. I chose adoption. Looking back, it was the right decision and I have no regrets, not at all."

Birthmother/Labor and Delivery Nurse

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