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Best Practices

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Children languishing in orphanages around the world deserve loving families. Working with our adoption agency members, the White House, Congress, U.S. Department of State, Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS), and international adoption officials and embassies, we promote a healthy system of intercountry adoptions in the best interests of children.

Our intercountry adoption priorities include the following:

  • Supporting the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption
    We will continue to speak for the best interests of children while working with the complex variety of interests, agencies, and governments to establish more child- and family-friendly intercountry adoption rules and procedures, under the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption. Click here to read Adoption Advocate No. 11 entitled, "A Case for Ethical Intercountry Adoption."
  • Providing training and education in the latest adoption practices, public policies, and regulations to prospective adoptive families and to the professional adoption community
    We help ensure sound intercountry adoption practice by providing educational resources such as manuals, seminars, and briefings to adoption professionals, enabling them to provide the highest standard of adoption training and services. We also educate prospective adoptive parents on the joys and challenges of adopting and parenting a child from another country
  • Promoting compassionate and ethical child welfare policies
    We are the authoritative voice for orphans, effectively encouraging the U.S. Government, foreign governments, and international aid groups to support efforts to establish sound intercountry and domestic adoption polices so that orphaned children can be placed with loving, permanent families—either in their countries of birth or through intercountry adoption. Click here to read Adoption Advocate No. 15 entitled, "NCFA Supports Families for Orphans Act and FACE Act."
  • Communicating changes in adoption policy and procedures
    We are a valuable resource for communicating changes in adoption policies and procedures to adoption agencies and all parties to adoption. Key U.S. government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of State's Office of Children's Issues and Citizenship and Immigration Services, turn to us to help ensure the adoption community is able to manage such changes in policy, whether due to domestic policy or events in sending countries. Click here to read Adoption Advocate No. 16 entitled, "NCFA Position Statement on the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) 2007 Technical Instructions on Tuberculosis (TB) as They Relate to Internationally Adopted Children."
  • Diplomacy for sound adoption practice
    We meet with representatives of foreign governments to discuss timely issues facing the international adoption community and we serve as a key resource for sending countries. Click here to read Adoption Advocate No. 18 entitled, "State of Adoptions from China."

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