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Infant Adoption

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Only one to two percent of children born out of wedlock are placed for adoption.

Without presuming to judge any individual decision, it seems to be in the best interests of children and their birthparents for significantly more of these children to be placed for adoption. Social science has directly correlated the rise in children languishing in foster care to the number of single-parent households. The number of single-parent households is directly correlated to the decrease in infant adoptions. Below are just a few of our policy priorities to help create healthier and more positive attitudes towards infant adoption and make it easier for birthparents to choose adoption.

Infant Adoption Awareness Training in Pregnancy Counseling Situations

In at least two-thirds of unplanned pregnancy counseling situations, women are presented either no information about adoption, or negative or inaccurate information about adoption. We have developed curricula and provide training for pregnancy and health counselors on how to present adoption as a positive option for women with unplanned pregnancies.

We believe in order for women to be able to make fully informed decisions, the presentation of adoption as a viable alternative is appropriate in the full array of counseling situations involving unplanned pregnancy.

Infant Adoption Awareness in Family Life and Sex Education Curricula in Schools

Presently, almost all sex education curricula do not even mention adoption as an option for an unplanned pregnancy. We support state legislative efforts to direct departments of education to formulate curricula that present adoption as a positive option for unplanned pregnancy.

State-level Putative Father Registries

We promote the establishment of effective registries at the state level that protect fathers' rights while enabling birthmothers and adoptive parents to make secure adoption plans. In order to maintain his rights to receive notice of an adoption and to seek custody, an effective registry requires the father to register as the father, establish his paternity, and support the mother and child. Click here for more information on state putative father registry laws.

Adoption Counseling in Federally Funded Maternity Group Homes

In 2003, differing versions of congressional legislation offered opposite policies regarding support for adoption counseling in federally funded maternity group homes. We maintain the position that these homes should receive federal financial support for adoption counseling, and not just for the teaching of parenting skills.

Research on Why Birthmothers Place Their Children for Adoption

We are conducting research into why birthmothers make adoption plans for their children. This research will provide new understandings into the dynamics of birthmothers' decisions that will facilitate better presentation of the adoption option in pregnancy counseling and through the media.

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