Give by Shopping

Several of our partners allow you to select NCFA as your charity of choice while you shop. Learn more about each partner below.


Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile will donate a portion of the proceeds from qualifying Amazon.com purchasing when you follow our unique link: smile.amazon.com/ch/75-1721671


Givington's sells books, coffee, jewelry, apparel, and other gift items. This "generosity shop" sells ethically sourced products and donates up to 50% of the proceeds from each item. To participate, simply select National Council For Adoption during checkout.


Purchase Broadway tickets through Givenik.com and NCFA receives 5%!

And Then I Found You

Patti Callahan Henry’s latest novel, And Then I Found You, published April 2013, is a unique story inspired by Henry’s personal family history with adoption. The novel, much like the true story, is a compelling narrative of love lost, love found, and a miraculous reunion that changed everyone’s lives forever. A portion of sales from the novel will support NCFA's iChooseAdoption campaign.

Midnight Sun Travel

Owned and operated by Shannon O'Rourke, Midnight Sun Travel donates a portion of proceeds to support NCFA's iChooseAdoption campaign.

Pixie Memories Photography

Pat Jesten is a Northern VA and DC Metro Area photographer specializing in family photography, including maternity and newborn. Pat Jesten donates 5% of every session to NCFA! Visit Pixie Memories online by clicking here.

Salad Rocks

Together with her grandchildren, Tejon Brodus and Amriana Brodus, Ann Danner founded Salad Rocks, a company committed to bringing healthy salads and snacks to their community. Salad Rocks salads are made from fresh fruits and vegetables and appeal to even the pickiest of taste buds. Salad Rocks donates a portion of their sales to NCFA each week. Find out more about them by clicking here.