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As the nation’s leading adoption advocacy nonprofit, NCFA is an advocate for every orphan, adopted person, birthparent, and adoptive parent in the United States and around the world, for adoptions taking place this year, in the future, and in generations past. Every year, we estimate that we serve approximately 1.2 million individuals, not including the millions of orphans around the world awaiting a loving, permanent family

Your gift will be used to raise awareness for children who are waiting to be adopted out of U.S. foster care, provide information about adoption to young women facing unintended pregnancy, and ensure that intercountry adoption remains a viable, ethical option for prospective adoptive parents, as well as our other vital programs to ensure adoption remains healthy and strong.

If you have a special interest in a particular area of focus - domestic infant adoption, adoption out of foster care, or intercountry adoption - we invite you to designate your gift as such using our online donation form, and we will restrict your gift for that use only.

Your support is absolutely vital and critical to changing lives around the world. If you have additional questions, or need more information about making a gift to NCFA, please contact us.

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