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  1. Every child everywhere has the basic human right to a safe, permanent, nurturing family – by birth or adoption.
  2. The individual child’s best interest should be at the center of every decision, law, program, and social service related to adoption and foster care.
  3. Adoption can be a viable and positive option for children who need families, expectant parents searching for stable, caring homes for their children, and individuals who want to provide nurturing, permanent families for children.
  4. There is no “right to adopt” – only the right of a child to be loved, nurtured, and cared for within a competent and qualified family.
  5. A child welfare continuum should prioritize [in order]: family preservation, adoption by relatives, domestic adoption, and intercountry adoption – all before a child is relegated to institutional or long-term foster care.
  6. Ethnic and cultural identity, while extremely important considerations, should not prevent a child from finding a permanent, nurturing family through adoption.
  7. Cultural and racial identity and birth history are important to adopted individuals, and every effort should be made to respect and preserve this information so the adopted individual may retain his or her history and heritage.
  8. Adoption should remain a non-partisan, non-political child welfare issue.
  9. Strategic partnerships and collaborations with other groups, individuals, and stakeholders are essential to the fulfillment of NCFA’s mission.
  10. All funds received from donors and supporters should be managed, used, and reported in accordance with the highest standards of good stewardship.

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For 33 years, NCFA has been the authoritative voice for adoption. Our research and education programs have led the way in promoting sound, ethical adoption policies and practices that have enabled children to find nurturing, permanent families through adoption.

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